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For more than 38 years,
Paul Heil's The Gospel Greats program has been the number one syndicated Southern Gospel music radio program!
And today it's stronger than ever!

—  Why?  —  

Listeners love it!

The loyalty of The Gospel Greats program's listeners is amazing. Many tell us they plan their entire weekends around the program, "making a date" to hear it each week. Many who can hear the program more than once each week (many stations repeat the program) tell us they listen multiple times. And because The Gospel Greats is so packed with interesting information they almost always hear something new the second time around. Check out this page about our recurring features.
Local sponsors love it!

Local sponsors know that when they advertise on The Gospel Greats program, they are associating themselves with the number one Southern Gospel music radio program in America. They know that listeners actually pay attention to this program, so their advertising messages will be heard. They know that they will not be embarrassed by poor quality on this thoroughly-professional, multi-award-winning program. Many stations have told us the program has been sold out to local sponsors (even adjacencies). Remember, the program is entirely for local saleno national spots to detract from local spots.
Radio station executives love it!

They know they can depend on The Gospel Greats program to be there every week — entirely new, entirely timely, entirely interesting, entirely professional. They know this is a program that local advertisers can be proud to be associated with. Some of our current affiliates have been with us more than 30 years!  And the program is more popular than ever!

Southern Gospel radio stations love The Gospel Greats because the exclusive artist interviews and features on the program get people interested in (and excited about) the music such stations play all week long. Listeners get to know the artists and their songs better. Consequently, when the station plays those songs as part of their regular format, listeners find the songs more meaningful and enjoyable. The news and features on the program even help keep local DJs up-to-date about what's happening. Many Southern Gospel stations air The Gospel Greats more than once each weekend for maximum impact (often sold out both times). There is definite prestige value in being associated with the #1 radio program in its class.

Country radio stations (a significant portion of our affiliates) find The Gospel Greats program to be an excellent Sunday morning "wake up" show. The fast-moving format fits in well with country formats.  Many country stations schedule it Sunday mornings 7-9 a.m. — a perfect time to attract a large audience before they set off to church. Because of the affinity of musical styles, many Country stations have programmed their own Sunday morning Gospel shows for years, but, because they lack the music library and/or expertise to provide a timely Southern Gospel presentation each week (or because the DJ retires) they find The Gospel Greats program to be an excellent solution. Such stations also find The Gospel Greats program to be an excellent vehicle for station promos which can help drive this new additional audience to their regular programming throughout the week. In addition to a "new audience," by the way, this program affords a Country station an opportunity to attract a whole new field of local advertisers who might not be drawn to the regular Country format but would gladly help sponsor The Gospel Greats. (Prove to them the value of advertising on your station in this way and you might be able to get them to advertise during the week, too!)

All stations appreciate the customized promos Paul Heil provides, as well as custom-recorded local spots for use during the program. (Ask for information about these services.)
Paul, a 2014 inductee into the prestigious Southern Gospel Music Hall of Fame, is generally considered the best-known radio voice in Southern Gospel music. Check out this information page about him and his "interview" back on the occasion of the program's 20th anniversary. You can also request a (free to radio) printed booklet created about the program's history on its 25th anniversary in 2005.  With custom Sales Kits and promotional suggestions, we will do everything we can to help you make the program work "big time" for you in your market.

Stations know The Gospel Greats program is dependable. In its more-than-three-decade history, the program has never missed distributing a new program each and every week. Today the program is delivered to radio on quality CDs or via high-quality MP3, MP2 or WAV files delivered securely and expediently over the internet. (Click here for a complete description of convenient delivery options.) We even offer both the standard-length "regular" version and a slightly longer "uncut" version (perfect for noncomms).  Each program comes with a complete cue, timing and music sheet, detailing all required information about all of the included songs. Such attention to detail takes all the worry and guesswork out of airing The Gospel Greats program.

Quite simply, there is no other program quite like The Gospel Greats — entertaining, interesting, enjoyable, unsurpassed quality, fast-moving, compelling, and touching lives through the music and features.

Here's a printable information sheet about the program.

Contact us today to find out more about how your station could put America's #1 Southern Gospel music radio program to work for you!

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