Published April 3, 2018

Shelia Shares

Memories are a treasure. Hold on to them. They might not always be there.

Some years ago, Paul and I had just made a trip from Pennsylvania to Michigan to see my parents. It was a good visit. When we arrived home, I called to let them know we had arrived safely at our home.

I talked to my dad first and then he put mom on the phone. She was so glad I had called. Some of her first words were, "When are you coming to see me? It's been so long since you've been here."

My heart fell and I explained to her that we had just been to visit them for several days. In fact, we had just arrived back to our home. I reminded her of a couple of things we had done while with them.

When we got off the phone, I felt such disappointment. What was the use of visiting when she never remembered it had happened?

It was shortly after that I heard some wonderful advice which helped me for her remaining years:

"Live for the moment."

That doesn't sound very Christian, does it?

The important part wasn't that my mom remembered the visit. The important part was that for the time we were visiting she was happy. She knew we were there at that time. She knew someone cared. She enjoyed what happened during those moments. She laughed and felt special.

This isn't just good advice for dealing with memory loss. It applies to life. Make the moments count with your children. They won't always be there. Make the moments count with friends. Relationships change and people die. As you work with people and as you worship together with church family, treasure those moments. Value the good times and know the struggles will sometime end. Make time to make memories, even if the memories fade.

And, while you are at it, be sure to treasure time with the Lord. Treasure your relationship with the Lord. You might not remember all you read in the Word, but for the moment it cleansed your mind. You might forget what happened during your time of prayer, but for the moment that conversation with the Lord eased your mind. You might forget the details of finding Jesus, but His impact will never end. Be sure this moment is one of living for God and sharing life together with God. When we leave this world, we can know our eternity will be in heaven with the One we love and the One who loves us.

"Live for the moment." Treasure today. Celebrate a secure eternity.

(My mother, Beulah Troyer died April 6, 2009. I still remember her and am thankful for her impact on my life and my eternity.)

- Shelia Heil

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