Published March 6, 2018

Shelia Shares

Facebook provides some amusing comments, sometimes unintentionally. A recent comment that I saw read, "People interrupt Bible verses differently."

Now, I assume the person meant, "People interpret Bible verses differently." We know that is absolutely true.

But perhaps the first statement is true as well.

People see something they don't like in the Bible. What do they do? They don't finish reading the verse. They interrupt the Bible verse and move on to something more "agreeable."

I find that sometimes when I'm reading verses my mind drifts and I miss part of the verse. Sometimes God is trying to speak to me — but I interrupt with my own thoughts.

As you do your daily Bible reading, do you supply your own "interruptions," either because you are distracted or because you don't really want to hear what the Word says? It is worth considering.

Pull out your Bible. Get into the Word. Listen to God. Be sure you don't let your own personal "interpretation" or "interruption" get in the way of the Lord speaking to you.

- Shelia Heil

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