Published February 13, 2018

Shelia Shares

This week is Templeton Tours' Singing At Sea cruise. It is a wonderful week of travel and food and Gospel music. One of my favorite things is fellowship with other Christians. It is truly a foretaste of heaven.

Last year Paul and I led two sessions of "Name That Gospel Great." It is our version of "Name That Tune." The first session was in an atrium and we had about 75 people attend, and others looking in over the balconies. The second session was in a large auditorium and we had around 200 people join us. It was fun.

The first session was a time of worship. We named a lot of hymns and people wanted to sing, so we did. Although unplanned, there were testimonies from us and from the audience. Paul gave some background on several hymns. It was just a great time of worship, celebrating the great songs of the church and enjoying the memories they evoked.

The second session was fun. It was towards the end of the cruise. People had enjoyed a week of great preaching and Bible study. They had enjoyed times of fellowship and prayer around tables and in many other settings. They had visited places they'd only dreamed of visiting. They had heard as many of the 25 Gospel groups as they could fit into the hours. They had enjoyed a floating old-time campmeeting.

So the second session was fun. Again, unplanned, Paul and I went with the flow. As we so often do, we played off each other and people seemed to love it. I remember looking at the crowd and seeing a pretty staid preacher we had met on a previous cruise. I saw him, not just smiling, but full-fledged laughing. It was invigorating to laugh together and enjoy the God-given gift of laughter, knowing that the next day reality would once again set in with its own problems.

This year Paul and I are again leading two sessions of "Name That Gospel Great." I have no idea how it will go. We've done our homework to set it up and now we leave the results up to the Spirit. He knows best.

I would ask your prayers for this week. Pray for good health. Pray for good fellowship. Pray for times of Spirit-filled worship with other believers. Pray for times of laughter. Most of all, pray that the Holy Spirit will have freedom on the ship to touch lives as He chooses. As long as God is in control, the Singing At Sea cruise will be a great time of renewal and encouragement.

(By the way, if you want to join us next year on Templeton Tours' 2019 Singing At Sea, we'd love to be your "hosts." Check out and if you sign up, indicate "The Gospel Greats" as your hosts. That enables us to again give a cruise to a blessed The Gospel Greats' listener during our Great Annual Giveaway.)

- Shelia Heil

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