Published January 23, 2018

Shelia Shares
"Why So Timid?"

When I was in Virginia for my brother-in-law's funeral last fall, I found out my niece had brought their dog to my sister's house. I am timid around dogs and when I found out he weighs as much as I do, I wasn't thrilled. However, they told me, "He is harmless." Oh, sure, I thought.

I found out what they meant when they tried to get him outside to do his business. He had to walk through the living room to get to the back yard. It took three of them to get him out. One was pulling. Two stood guard so he was blocked from anyone in the living room getting to him. They were all talking to him and coaxing him to walk through the room.

Here is this powerful, big dog cowering behind three humans, who were giving him encouragement to do what he needed to do.

Later, he was trying to sit on my niece's lap on the couch. (He obviously thought he was a lap dog.) When I sat in a chair a good distance from him, his reaction was funny. Every time I looked at him, he would turn his head away. I would quit looking at him and then quick look up. He would quickly turn his head away again.

Here was a powerful dog who had no idea of his strength and no idea of how to use it.

I was reminded of Christians. Do we have any idea of the power we have in Christ Jesus?

Actually, most of our excuses center around us. And, are based on our fears.

If we focus on Jesus, we see all the power we have. He told us we can do even greater works than were done when He was on the earth. He told us that we have One greater in us than what the world has in it.

And He specifically told us to go and to tell and to be His representative. Now just think about that. Would He really send us out without the necessary power or tools to do what He told us to do?

Jesus Christ in you makes you powerful enough to face the world and to do the business He told you to do. No more cowering. Get out there and broadcast the news. Jesus saves!

- Shelia Heil

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