Published December 19, 2017

Shelia Shares
"If You Could See..."

Christmas is a time for family and friends. It's a time to celebrate the birth of Jesus together with family and friends, with those we love.

Sandy Blythe sings with the Blythe Family and has written songs for many other Southern Gospel artists. In talking about Christmas, she shared this personal story about how Christmas, although a very happy time, can also be a painful time for those who have lost loved ones:

"When we lost my mom's dad in 2010, it caused us to feel that pain like we had never felt before during the holidays. But, about two years before he had passed, our friend Rita who travels with us came to me one day with the idea for this song that was based on the old traditional song, ‘Do You See What I See.' So, I began to write on it, finished it and actually put it on the shelf for about two years.

"Most of my family had not heard it and I almost forgot about it. Well, when my grandfather passed away, my mom said, ‘Sandy, didn't you write a song, something about a loved one going to heaven? And, it was titled, "If You Could See What I See?"' And I said, ‘Yes, I did.' And she said, ‘Well, I would really like to hear that again.' So we pulled it out.

"I'll never forget singing it to her as she cried — and I was so thankful to see that it wasn't tears of pain, necessarily, it was tears of comfort. And I pray this will be a comfort and a blessing to others also who have lost loved ones to where at Christmastime, you won't just feel the pain of their loss, but you will feel the hope of heaven that we have as children of God — hope that one day we will see what they see and we will hear what they hear. What a day that will be!"

Amen!  Here's what Sandy wrote in her song, "If You Could See What I See"...

(V1) On earth we said our goodbyes, when the Father called me away.
The angels came to greet me, and they carried me through Heaven's gates.
I know you often miss me, especially at this time of year.
But if you looked thru the windows of Heaven, one glimpse would dry all your tears.

(Chorus) If you could see what I see, if you could hear what I hear.
My eyes saw the face of the King, my ears heard the angels sing.
On Earth you could never imagine, what Christmas is like in Heaven.
It's beyond your farthest dream, if you could see what I see.

(V2) As you tie your gifts with gold ribbon, I'm walking upon golden streets.
As you light your Christmas candles, the Lamb is the light here for me.
I've talked with Mary and Joseph, they have many memories to share.
All the shepherds and the wise men, have stories of their own to tell.

(Bridge) And when your work on Earth is finished, and you join me here in this land.
At the gate I will run to meet you, and I'll take you by the hand.

Because of Jesus, His birth and death for us, we can celebrate the hope He gives.

- Shelia Heil

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