Published October 24, 2017

Shelia Shares
"Loving Arms"

With the advent of Tahlia, babies are pretty much on my mind. Our first grandchild was greatly anticipated and is joyfully received and much loved. She is now three weeks old.

Tahlia needs to be carried everywhere. She doesn't crawl or walk. She can only use her healthy lungs and cries to let her parents know there is a problem.

When she wants her diaper changed, she is carried to the changing table for unsoiled clothes. When Tahlia wants a drink, she needs to be carried to her mother for that nourishment. When she gets bored in her cradle, she needs to be carried around to see the rest of the house or the doctor's office or the people at church.

On her own, she is really quite inept at moving herself where she needs or wants to be. She can't do it for herself. She needs loving arms to carry her.

We all need loving arms to carry us. Thankfully, they are available.

Our Christian friends carry us when we are in need. Our requests for help are made known, and their loving hearts carry us to the throne of God. When they pray for us, in ways unknown to them, they carry us to the place where God can work.

God Himself carries us. Sometimes physically holding that car upright in the middle of an accident. Sometimes He carries us mentally to a place where, in His strength, we can cope with what life or death has thrown at us.

We are in a spiritual battle. God equips us for spiritual warfare through messages in His Word and through the directions He gives as we quietly pray to Him. God carries us through that "sin that so easily besets us" to free us from those chains.

And, some fine day, He will carry us away to be with Him forever.

As her parents' loving arms carry Tahlia, so God's loving arms carry us — providing, guiding and giving what is needed — things that go far beyond what we can possibly do for ourselves.

- Shelia

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