Published March 28, 2017

Shelia Shares
"Supporting The First"

A friend of mine plays in the Nashville Philharmonic Orchestra. She plays and teaches many instruments, but plays second bassoon in this particular orchestra.

She made a comment that intrigued me. She said she likes playing "second seat" since being "first seat" would be too much pressure.

Now, I don't know a lot about music. I do know that playing "first seat" is an honor. It is usually the most experienced and the better instrumentalist on stage. That seat is earned by consistently exhibiting talent and quality.

"Second seat" sits on the same stage. "Second seat" plays the same song. The same notes need to be hit perfectly. But, the spotlight falls on "first seat." The solos go to "first seat." "Second seat" is a support that makes "first" look good.

That sounds a lot like the Christian life.

We are not to be "first seat." We are not to crave the spotlight. We are to desire to be just as perfect. We are to "play" the same score. We are to play beside the "First" and to emulate what He does. Our role is secondary through our desire to make Christ look good. Nothing we do should detract from Him. Together we make good music.

John 3:30 reads, "He must increase, but I must decrease."

Sometimes in the busyness of life and the competitiveness of life, we are so focused on being first. Today, sit back from the stress. Fill the seat that God gave you the talent and passion to fill. Focus on presenting Christ in the most clear and practical way. Think of how He would do it. Be the person that was left on this earth to help draw people to Christ.

Sometimes "second" is not a bad place to be.

- Shelia

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