Published February 7, 2017

Shelia Shares
"Keep Planting"

Often we talk kindly to people that we meet or we help someone along the way and never know if our actions made a difference in their lives. We never see the results. As long as we are doing what we are called to do and what we are able to do, we aren't responsible for the results. God handles that.

With our mailorder company, Springside Marketing, I get many requests for free Gospel music product. They come from a variety of people and a variety of needs. Since we purchase the product we have and since we get such numerous requests, generally I am unable to send free product to fulfill their request.

However, some years back, I got a request from a pastor with a "homeless and needy" ministry in his church. I felt in my spirit that I should send something. The few CDs and kids' videos I sent weren't a lot, but I hoped they could be useful.

I sent the items and then forgot about it, until I got a phone call from the pastor. He was thanking me for my gifts and then shared his story.

The evening before his call they had provided food and then played the video for the kids. The pastor said they loved it. After it finished, one little girl came to the pastor and asked if she could take the video home to see it again during the week. He gladly agreed.

I said I was thrilled that they could show the kids a good video and, regarding the little girl, I said, "You don't know in what kind of home she lives. It is wonderful she could take the video along."

The pastor assured me that he did know her home situation. Her father and mother split because her father had an alcohol problem. The little girl lives with her mother and is allowed to come to the church.

My immediate thought was the blessing of getting the Word into this home. Not only would it continue to touch this impressionable child, but sometimes a child's message can reach a parent's heart because of the simplicity of the presentation.

So often we don't hear that our actions have impacted anyone or anything. That doesn't mean our actions aren't important. That doesn't mean we have failed. We need to keep doing what the Spirit impresses on us to do and leave the results to the Lord.

In this case, we heard about how we had a part in affecting a life here and possibly for eternity. In this case, perhaps God knew we needed the encouragement. In other cases, we act by faith trusting God to work His will and His purpose.

So, keep planting and watering and weeding. In some cases, harvest. Above all, trust the God who loves you and wants to bless your actions in ways you might never know on this earth.

- Shelia

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