Published January 24, 2017

Shelia Shares
"A Miraculous Healing"

Some of you might remember that in June of 2012, I had an extensive eye surgery. I spent a week or two face down and then a couple of months taking things carefully. That eye, my right eye, is healing well and the vision there is better than I or the surgeon could have ever imagined.

You can imagine my dismay when on Thursday of last week, I saw something in my left eye – in the eye that has become my dominant eye. It was a heavy black line and I referred to it as a "worm."

Not wanting to alarm my family, I didn't say anything to anyone. Thursday and Friday were not good days. My vision was blocked much of the time. Every time I blinked, the "worm" would move. I hoped that relaxing a bit on Saturday and Sunday might make a difference. I hoped the lessening of stress would remove the problem.

When people were sharing prayer requests in our Sunday School class, Paul was a bit surprised to hear me ask for prayer for my eye problem. I hadn't told him that there was one. But now I felt I needed the prayer support of our church.

By Monday morning, I still had the "floater" in my eye. That is what it is actually called. However, it would settle for periods of time where there was no interference to my vision. Before 9 a.m. I was on the phone to my retina surgeon, requesting an appointment. I went to see Dr. Brod at 2:15 p.m. that day (yesterday).

We did the eye test, several different types of eye photos and the doctor poked around on the eye with an incredibly bright light and pick.

What had happened? The vitreous had pulled away from the macula in my left eye, as it does for everyone to various degrees as they age. In my case, it took a membrane, what is called a pucker, with it. In the process, my eye's surface was smoothed out. The "floater" was thick because it contained not only the vitreous but also the thick eye film/mucus. (My terms might be wrong, since I am not an eye specialist.)

Dr. Brod was excited since it is very rare for the eye to do its own pucker surgery. I was told I saved a lot of money and time and healing. And I was excited to know there was no tear in the retina. Surgery will only be necessary if I am bothered by the "floater." At this point, it seems to be settled and only occasionally is in my sight.

In 2012, God provided healing through a skilled doctor and surgery. This time, God — the Great Physician — is providing healing through this incredible body that He created and maintains.

This is another instance of God doing beyond what we can ask or think. Please join me in thanking God for once again providing exactly what I needed. We serve a wonderfully loving God.

- Shelia

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