Published January 17, 2017

Shelia Shares

There are difficult times in every life. For many years, I have prayed "God, please walk with me." I wanted Him to know that I wanted His help. As I went along the path of life, I wanted Him beside me, holding my hand. I wanted His input into my decisions.

But, at the start of this year, I'm realizing that might not be a good prayer.

Of course, I want God with me. But, why should He fit into my plans? Am I the one to make the decisions and then invite Him to walk along where I decide to go? Am I to be the one "in charge?" Is it "me first" and then Him, if I can't work it out?

My prayer needs to be this: "God, please let me walk with You. I believe I know the way to go, but block me if this isn't right. I believe I know what I need to do today, but help me to see the detours with Your eyes. When other people get in my way, help me to see that You might have placed them there and help me to see the reasons. Help me not to be so focused on my plans and my desires and my thoughts. Give me Your mind – in the way I look at events and at people and at myself. God, please let me walk with You. That way, I can know I am going to the right place at the right time in the right way."

- Shelia

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