Published December 6, 2016

Shelia Shares

Jim McComas is Director of Church Revitalization with Free Will Baptist North American Ministries in Nashville, Tennessee. The story he shares below should make each one of us think about what we can do. You are only one, but you can make a difference.

"Taking A Stand"
by Jim McComas

I arrived early into Pigeon Forge, Tennessee, and was able to attend the Christmas show at the "Smoky Mountain Opry" over the weekend.

Toward the end of the show, as the Biblical account of the Christmas story was being portrayed on stage, the performers began to sing "The Hallelujah Chorus." It has been a tradition for hundreds of years that audiences stand during the singing of "The Hallelujah Chorus." I was sitting in the back of the auditorium and watched to see if this crowd would follow suit.

Nobody moved at first and I just assumed that folks either weren't aware of the tradition or thought since they had bought tickets to a secular entertainment show, they weren't obligated to rise during a spiritual moment.

All of a sudden, in the middle of the crowd, I watched as an elderly woman struggled to her feet. Immediately, following her lead, several others and I also rose.

By the end of the song, pretty much the entire crowd of hundreds were on their feet.

As I reflected on this later, I realized this: It just took one person brave enough to go against the crowd, to actually move the crowd to action.

That person was not the preacher. It was a feeble senior citizen.

Christians, we live in a world where we often feel like we don't belong anymore. When we look around at what we face, we have two choices: Just sit quietly doing and saying nothing, and just watch our nation continue to slide towards certain destruction. The other option is the one I watched that senior citizen saint take: We can lovingly, firmly, boldly and bravely stand and let our light shine unashamedly for the Savior, Who wasn't ashamed of us.

"Let the redeemed of the Lord say so..." (Psalm 107:2a)

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