Published October 25, 2016

Shelia Shares
"Light In A Dark World"

Last year during the Halloween season, I saw pumpkins everywhere. The crop was a good one. Some were in their natural state and some had become wonderful carved pumpkins. Some were pretty. Some were scary. Someone had put in a lot of time and effort into creating these carved and even painted masterpieces.

I remember one fall taking pumpkin soup (which I love) to a church fellowship meal. One of the men asked if I made the soup and when I confirmed that I had, he said, "What a waste of a good pumpkin pie." Of course, I liked his half-serious sense of humor.

Christians are like pumpkins. Jesus comes and selects us. We're dirty from all that has caused us to grow. But, he removes the dirty from the outside and from the inside. By accepting His grace and mercy, we begin to look more like Him. He places us where we can spread light and provide flavor. His light shines out of us and we are set in the right place to give light in places where it is dark with sin.

As the world is thinking about Halloween – and, for that matter, all year long – let the light of Jesus shine from your life. It's needed more today than ever before. Remember — a little light goes a long way to reach a world for Christ.


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