Published September 13, 2016

Shelia Shares

Jim McComas is Director of Church Revitalization with Free Will Baptist North American Ministries in Nashville, Tennessee. I want to share the following writing of his, and may it remind all of us to see people as God sees them and to take the time to help them carry their burdens.

- Shelia

"People Need The Lord"
by Jim McComas

As I headed to my car with my luggage this morning, I heard a voice calling to me from across the parking lot.

"That sure was a good sermon yesterday, preacher!" I turned to see a hotel employee who had attended the final service of our meeting here yesterday.

I stopped, set my luggage down, shook his hand, and thanked him. As I picked my luggage back up, he asked me to remember him in my prayers, which I assured him I would do as I headed on to my car.

As I placed my luggage in the trunk of my rental car, the Holy Spirit immediately convicted my heart.

As this gentlemen had asked for my prayers, I could see a look of sadness come over him, and I could see the tears well up in his eyes - and I had quickly just ignored it and moved on with the busy day that lay ahead of me.

In my hurry to travel on to my next destination for ministry, I instantly realized I had just blown a ministry opportunity right in front of me.

I quickly ran back across the parking lot and found my friend and asked, "Is there anything specific I can help pray with you about?"

In a matter of minutes, he was sharing the needs in his life and the burdens he was bearing.

As I drove away, I was reminded of the words to the Steve Green song, "People Need the Lord":

     "Every day they pass me by,
     I can see it in their eyes,
     Empty people filled with care,
     Headed who knows where.

     "On they go through private pain,
     Living year to year.
     Laughter hides their silent cries,
     Only Jesus hears.

     "People need the Lord,
     People need the Lord,
     At the end of broken dreams,
     He's the open door.

     "People need the Lord,
     People need the Lord,
     When will we realize,
      That people need the Lord. "

Lord, help me to always be aware of the needs of those around me — for when I am too busy for others, I am truly too busy!

Column shared by permission.

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