Published June 28, 2016

Shelia Shares
"Do Overs"

Each week I try to find time to write a "Shelia Shares" column to share with you in this newsletter.

As I begin to write the column, it doesn't sound exactly like what you are reading right now. Generally, my initial attempt is similar to the finished product. But, sometimes I throw away what I have written and start again creating an entirely different story line.

Even if the story pattern remains the same, I am very thankful for the delete button on the computer. Sometimes a word isn't quite right, so I substitute another word. Sometimes a phrase gives a wrong impression. Sometimes it sounds too wishy washy and sometimes it sounds too harsh. I rewrite and delete until the story is what I want to present to you.

Each week I record this "Shelia Shares" and the audio version is available on our web site. I try to read exactly what I have written. But, sometimes I attempt to read a sentence several times before I am satisfied that it is read correctly. I want to be happy with the inflection and the emphasis and the words. In the case of the audio, I am thankful for programs that edit my speech, cutting out the errors.

In life, do you ever wish that you could delete the words you have said? Do you wish you had been more clear in presenting what you intended to say? Do you wish you had kept a thought to yourself or been more positive in how you expressed it?

In life, do you wish you could have "do overs" with what you have done? Do you wish you could make decisions again based on life experiences and added wisdom? Are there parts of your life that you wish you could simply delete?

You and I both know that life doesn't work that way.

But, God has a plan. When we accept the salvation offered by Jesus Christ, our sins are gone. If they are confessed, they have disappeared and God won't be judging them. Those sins are erased from the Master's list. The delete button has been pushed. Confessed sins are buried too deeply to be dug up (Micah 7:19). They are covered by the blood of Jesus and when we face God, it is as though we had never sinned.

As thankful as I am that I can edit what I write and how I present it verbally, I am immensely more thankful that Jesus has made my life pure before God. When I confess, Jesus pushes the delete button and it is never recalled again. We have a God of second chances. Thank God for the gifts of forgiveness, mercy and grace that last for eternity.

- Shelia

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