Published June 7, 2016

Shelia Shares
"People Are Watching"

During our walk through town the other day, Paul and I suddenly heard a man's voice from behind say, "Hey, you're a Christian."

Paul and I both stopped and turned around to see who was apparently calling out to us.

Looking at Paul, the man on the street asked, "You're a Christian, aren't you?" Then, appearing to think out loud, he said, "And here I am with a cigarette in my hands." But then he got to the point: "Do you have any of those pamphlets?"

Paul smiled and assured the man that he did have a Gospel of John for him.

The man continued, "There might even be a treasure in it," referring to the dollar bill that Paul puts in as a John 3:16 marker. Then before we could respond, he said, "Of course, there are a lot of treasures in here."

Paul gave him the Gospel of John with the dollar inside and we chatted a bit before continuing our walk through Lancaster City.

How often have you had someone say, "Hey, you're a Christian." Probably not too often, but it did feel really good to be recognized.

Neither of us remembered the man from any previous encounter, but obviously he remembered us.

People are watching, even when we don't see them. People judge our God by how Christ-like we are. Had we done anything to jeopardize that testimony? As he saw us in the past, did we make him stop and evaluate his own relationship with God? What kind of witness had we been?

People are watching you, too. What have they seen? Parents are proud of their children when they do good. As a child of God, is God proud of you?

Actions speak pretty loudly. Be ready. At any time, someone could say, "Hey, you're a Christian. I can see the family resemblance."

- Shelia

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