Published May 31, 2016

Shelia Shares

A few weeks back, I shared about God having a doctor on board my transatlantic flight right when I needed him. In that same "Shelia Shares," I talked about the tree that Zacchaeus climbed. It had been planted years before Zacchaeus needed to climb it to see Jesus. Kathy Mueller, a newsletter reader and friend, shared her story, which follows, about two trees that stood ready to save her.

- Shelia

"Two Trees"
by Kathy Mueller

"I was about 15 or 16 years old at the time. I was getting the cows to go to the barn for milking in the afternoon. They went, all except the bull. He charged at me and I went to the nearest tree available, but could not climb it because the bull got me up against the trunk of the tree and kept rubbing the top of his head up and down my right leg from my knee to my hip. I was screaming, of course, but my father, who was in the barn over half a mile away, couldn't hear me. I had a big stick in my hand and beat the bull with it on his head, eyes, nose, but he refused to leave me alone. Quite a few times, the bull backed up a couple of feet and charged me again, rubbing my leg. It hurt really bad and I knew if I fell, he would kill me. Then he backed up a little farther than before and I saw my chance to escape.

"So I climbed the tree. It had been struck by lightning a few years before and its branches were weak. I got up far enough that the bull could smell my feet but not hurt me. The upper branch was strong enough to hold me, but the lower one was too weak. So, I had to hold on with my hands to keep from falling out of the tree. The bull stayed there for what seemed like forever.

"My big brother finally heard my screams and came with the John Deere tractor, took down the fence and came over to the tree and chased the bull away. When he told me I could come down from the tree, I refused until the bull walked all the way to the barn, was inside and the door closed. Then I got down and rode the back of the tractor to the house. My mother gave me aspirin to calm me and I shook for 4 hours.

"Later, when my father told me to go to the barn, I refused. (I had never disobeyed my father before.) I told him if he would sell the bull, I would go out there, but not until the bull was gone. We argued, but he sold the bull the next morning!

"The miracle about this whole story is that after the tree had been struck by lightning, my dad wanted to cut it down. My mom said that she knew that God had a purpose for that tree and it HAD to stay up and be there for that purpose!

"God knew all along that the tree was for me. I am sure that I would never have survived if that tree had been cut down before then.

"There is another tree that we could not survive without — and that tree is the one that Jesus died on for our salvation!!! Praise God for that gift to us!!

"Thank you for letting me share with you about that perfect tree. It saved my life. Jesus' tree at Calvary saved me for all eternity!"

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