Published February 9, 2016

Shelia Shares

Karen Carver works with her husband, Chuck, pastoring a church in Winston-Salem, North Carolina. The following is a story she shared that demonstrates so well God's love for us.

"The Greatest Love Story"
by Karen Carver

I love a good love story. Whether it is in the form of a good movie or a good Christian novel makes no difference to me. I am a true romantic at heart. I even cry at commercials. Remember the Pepsi commercial where the sky-writer writes, "Marry Me Sue"? (At least, I think her name was Sue.) That was a tearjerker if there ever was one! How about those Hallmark commercials?

Every couple has their own story of special romantic times in their lives. But there is one story told to me about one of our church members that will touch your heart just as it touched mine.

Floyd and Alice were married in 1936. They were crazy about each other and that love lasted many years.

For Christmas in 1937 Floyd wanted to give his bride something very special. He knew she needed a new Bible. On his quest for that special gift, Floyd purchased what he thought was a Bible. Instead, he had bought a black-bound Webster's Dictionary. Proudly he presented this gift to his beloved wife. Alice was so touched by his love, she never told him his mistake. You see, Floyd had never learned to read. How sweet was their relationship! Alice cherished that gift the rest of her life. What a wonderful act of love demonstrated that day on both their parts!

Two thousand years ago the greatest demonstration of love was God's Christmas gift when He sent His only Son Jesus to a lost and dying world. It's comforting to know that God's love does not depend on what we do or how we act. It's an unconditional love between us and our Heavenly Father. Even more importantly, we know that God loves us in spite of our failures and our weaknesses. He loves us no matter our color or race. He loves us despite what our past holds against us. God's love is infinite and eternal! And to think, God loves you and me as if we were the only people on this earth. We should be overwhelmed at the thought of such a gift of love offered to us.

God's greatest gift to the world is told to us in John 3:16:
God — The greatest Lover
So loved — The greatest degree
The world — The greatest number
That He gave — The greatest act
His only begotten Son — The greatest Gift
That whosoever — The greatest invitation
Believeth — The greatest simplicity
In Him — The greatest Person
Should not perish — The greatest deliverance
But — The greatest difference
Have — The greatest certainty
Everlasting Life — The greatest possession

When you know you are loved, it changes your outlook on life. God's love does conquer all! I can almost imagine Alice thinking that Webster's Dictionary was the greatest gift she had ever received from her beloved Floyd. They loved God and each other dearly. What a special love story!

But even greater is God's love story to us written in His love letter, the Bible. God's gift of eternal life is available to ANYONE who will accept. If you have not accepted this precious gift, won't you do that now? If you possess that gift of eternal life, won‘t you pass it along to others? It's the gift that keeps on giving!

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