Published January 26, 2016

Shelia Shares
"Who Do They See?"

About five years ago, I stopped by the post office to purchase stamps. Penny had been behind the counter as long as I could remember. (She had just turned 70.) I greeted her, told her what I needed and using my credit card paid for my purchases.

As I was signing the credit card slip, she surprised me.

"You look as young as you did when you first started coming in here. You came in several weeks ago and I didn't wait on you. I wondered whether it was you or your daughter. You haven't aged at all. Whatever you are doing or eating or believing, keep doing and eating and believing."

Now, I knew I had aged. I felt it in my bones. I saw it in the mirror. But, I still was grateful for the compliment.

Was I doing anything special? Yes. I walked for exercise and kept up a busy life.

Was I eating right? I readily admit I enjoyed eating. But, I did stay away from certain foods and all varieties of sodas. And, I drank lots of water.

Did I believe anything special? Yes. I believed in Jesus Christ as my Lord and Savior. My faith was very important to me.

Penny had referred to it as staying as young as ever. I believed it was Jesus shining through me. I hoped what she saw was Jesus filling me so He had to come out.

Time makes a change in all of us. Jesus makes a change, as well.

- Shelia

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