Published December 22, 2015

Shelia Shares
"The Christmas Diamond"

Paul and I just celebrated our 33rd wedding anniversary on December 19th. (Wow! Where did the time go?!) We spent last Saturday in Philadelphia, PA, seeing the Christmas sights. We took the train into the city which was probably Paul's favorite part of the trip. We enjoyed spending the day together.

All those years ago when we got engaged, Paul gave me a diamond engagement ring. It was an heirloom stone from his Grandma Heil's engagement ring and I had it reset to fit my finger. I liked the ring and the commitment it symbolized.

When we were blessed with sons, I quit wearing the ring since it kept catching in baby blankets. By the time our sons were out of baby blankets, I had put on enough weight that I could no longer wear my size five ring. It went into the lock box and stayed there all these years.

In 2007, as a Christmas/anniversary present, Paul got my ring reset.

Paul and I stopped at the jeweler's to look at different settings. We decided on the correct setting and the jeweler wrote up the papers. When she didn't ask for a credit card for a deposit, I questioned her. She smiled as she told me, "I think your ring is security enough. You'll be back for your diamond."

When I thought about it, I was surprised that I could be so involved in the proper setting that I forgot the value of the diamond.

During the Christmas season, we look at the Christmas lights. We choose the right gifts. We decorate our homes inside and out. We bake cookies and Christmas treats.

But, do we get so involved with the setting that we forget the diamond — do we forget that Jesus came to earth as a baby to fulfill God's plan of redemption for mankind.

I needed reminding of what had value in my ring. It wasn't the setting. It was the diamond.

At this busy Christmas time, I need reminding of what has value. It isn't all the "Christmas" trimmings. It is the celebration of the birthday of my King.


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