Published December 1, 2015

Shelia Shares
"Trash or Treasure?"

Byers Choice Dolls are manufactured in a facility in Chalfont, Pennsylvania, near Philadelphia. It is a family-owned company. These are collectible dolls, most often Christmas carolers, with "O" shaped mouths. Each doll is hand made and the expressions are wonderful.

When the Byers' children started school, the dolls were fairly new to the market. They were manufactured by Mrs. Byers in her home. Of course, some refinements have been made over the years. But, even in the beginning, the dolls were made with remarkable crafting and detail.

When the children were in first and second grades, Mrs. Byers gave a Santa doll to each of their teachers. The one teacher didn't appreciate the gift. She took the doll home and allowed grandchildren to play with it and soon it ended up in the trash.

The second teacher knew she had a treasure. She put the doll behind glass and treated it with care and respect. Recently it was valued at around $3,000.00.

Too often in life we don't know the value of what we have. Parents, under the stress of daily care of children, fail to see and nurture those marvelous, unique characteristics of each child. Pet owners take for granted the devotion and love from their dog, perhaps even kicking him out of their way.

Unfortunately, some Christians don't know the value of Christianity. Freedom to worship with other believers is something to be endured or just a good habit to have. Bible reading is done with speed just to do it and get it done. Prayer is by rote memory, rather than a conversation with a living God. Even Christ's death and resurrection is just the Easter story.

Let's do an evaluation of our Christianity. Do we know what we have? Is it something to hang on to for a respectable amount of time and then trash? Or is it a life-changing opportunity to meet God and to become more like Him? Is it something of value to share with those we meet?

The way you live your life will give your answer.


(Column above repeated from 2013)

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