Published June 9, 2015

Shelia Shares
"Little Is Much"

Back in 2009, I had almost constant earaches for a year or two. They were generally not horrible, so I just coped with the problem.

However, early one morning, the pain was quite intense and my ear felt hot. I decided I needed to see a doctor and figure out what was causing the problem. I wanted to be sure I wasn't causing long-term damage.

After checking my throat, nose and ears, as well as listening to my heart and feeling my throat, the doctor gave his verdict. My nostrils were swollen and he thought I could have a problem with allergens in the air. He also noted that it seemed to be a problem with the eustation tube not doing its job properly.

The job of the eustation tube (which basically connects the nose and the ears) is to equalize air pressure as the air pressure changes. (This little tube is what makes your ears "pop" when you go up a mountain or go up or down in an airplane.) Since there had been a thunderstorm moving through overnight, the little tube needed to do its equalizing job and by not being able to do so, I had an intense earache.

The prescription was a nasal spray.

The eustation tube is a tiny little thing. In your body, it is a minute percentage of the whole body. In fact, it is so small that it seems rather unimportant to the life of the body. Plus, I had never seen the eustation tube or even realized where it was located.

But, with my ear pain, it did affect my entire body and its quality of life.

In the body of Christ, His church, sometimes we feel like we are a small part. We are so small a part that compared to the whole, our little part seems worthless. Why should I do anything when there are parts of the body of Christ so much larger and so much more important? Does the little part I fill make any difference? What can I do that other "parts" couldn't do better? Probably nobody has ever seen me leading a service or even pray aloud. Am I needed?

Let me remind you that just as the eustation tube is tiny but fulfills a great role in the human body, so you have a part to play in the body of Christ. You have life experiences that no one else has had. You have a unique personality that affects your ability to witness to a variety of people in ways no one else can witness. You have a set of contacts that are different from those of any other person.

In other words, you are needed to fill your part of the body of Christ. If you don't do it, someone else will have to do your job. It will get done, but it might be a drain on that other person or persons and keep them from doing the job they are designed to do for the body. It will affect the total body and perhaps could cause pain for another part.

We are each called to do our job – large or small. God will take the work we do and through that enlarge the body and keep the body of Christ strong. You aren't too small for God's work.


     Little is much when God is in it!
     Labor not for wealth or fame.
     There's a crown – and you can win it,
     If you go in Jesus' Name.

                                     (By Kittie L. Suffield, 1924.)

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