Published June 2, 2015

Shelia Shares....

In 2014, an engineer in Thailand, Tor Bowling, found himself bored with his job, so he quit to travel around his country. One day while visiting a wildlife sanctuary he noticed a large elephant behind some greenery. As he later told the story, Tor stayed still hoping to be undetected, but suddenly the enormous elephant charged. With only seconds before the thundering beast would reach him, Tor didn't run, but actually stepped toward the elephant and held up his hands in a halting motion. Amazingly, the elephant paused, let out a huge shriek, turned and ran away.

Wow!  What an amazing story.

Personally, we've had some difficult years recently. Some things are just life and the way life happens. Some aspects are attacks from our enemy, Satan. There certainly is an enemy that doesn't want our work for the Lord to prosper in touching lives for Jesus and in encouraging fellow Christians.

If we know Jesus, we can call on Him at any time. He has won the battle for eternity and He intercedes for us every day and every hour and every minute. The Name of Jesus is powerful and above every name.

Early one morning, I had been thinking about this elephant story and the power of Jesus in our lives. As I finished washing my face and looked in the mirror, I raised my hands palms out and said, "Back off Satan. In the name of Jesus and through the blood of Jesus, back off. You have no power against us or our ministry. In the Name of Jesus, stop!"

Are you fighting a battle today? Confess your sins and turn from wrong, so there is nothing stopping your communication with the Lord. Then call on the Lord. Rebuke Satan and he will flee from you (James 4:7).

We don't need to be trampled by the enemy. There is power in the Name of Jesus.


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