Published April 7, 2015

Shelia Shares....
"But Now I See"

As I was growing up, I got excited about Christmas. I liked the music and the bright lights and the general excitement of the season. Christmas was a wonderful time of the year.

Easter was a different story. I didn't understand the significance of seeing people in church with new clothes or the extra church meetings or colored eggs and special seasonal candy in the stores.

While I knew that we celebrated and sang that "Christ Arose," it just wasn't exciting like Christmas was.

Now, that has all changed. Easter is an exciting and significant time of the year.

The change is that I am starting more fully to see the power of the crucifixion. The fact is that Christ could have decided not to be crucified. It was His choice to allow Himself to be put on the cross and to take the nails in His hands. The soldiers were just doing the physical work, but He had no opposition to them.

In fact, He could have chosen to remain in heaven and never come to this earth in the first place. He could have avoided all the rotten stuff that happened to Him in His thirty-three years in this world.

I am starting more fully to see the power of the resurrection. He defeated death. He walked right out of that tomb. The angels rolled back the stone so we could see what He did.

I am beginning more fully to see what it means to know Christ is at the right hand of God the Father interceding for me. I am starting to see what it means to be redeemed and to live in His power. I am celebrating life here, but also the assurance of my future in heaven and in eternity with God.

Suddenly, Easter is not about candy and eggs and even extra church services. It is about the risen Lord who makes possible living life to the fullest without carrying the burden of my own sins. It is about the living Jesus who has promised to return for me. It is a time to celebrate all the possibilities made possible by Jesus Christ, who suffered the cross, died, was buried, arose, ascended to heaven, is seated with God the Father and will return for me as He promised.

- Shelia

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