Published March 3, 2015

Shelia Shares....
"You Are Unique"

As we begin the Great Annual Giveaway on The Gospel Greats program, I think of all the thousands of people who will enter. I personally sort every entry that comes in, whether by postal mail or by computer. Each entry is from a particular person and each one has a name.

Who do those names represent?

So many people! Each one so wondrously unique! All similar, but all individual and different.

In the beginning, God made one person. He made him one at a time. First it was Adam. Then it was Eve.

Today, how does God keep each one and their development straight? How does He remember who needs the lungs to develop or who needs the toe or who needs the fingernail -- the smallest of things? Maybe with all His experience, we feel God should get it all right with no problem.

But, in the beginning, God began with dirt. Somehow He formed it. He filled it with breath. And, the body worked.

The second person started with a rib. Can you imagine someone handing you a single rib, without a schematic or blueprint, and saying "OK. Make her function."

The Bible says we are "wondrously" made. How did He do it?

Have you thanked God for making you precisely the way He made you? What an awesome God!

- Shelia

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