Published December 9, 2014

Shelia Shares....
"Windows, Cars and Faith"

It was Thanksgiving morning and I was at my computer in our home office. The office takes up a small space at the end of our dining room, which Paul renovated some years ago. It is a cheery bright room with lots of light.

Suddenly I heard that noise again. This time I knew what it was. We had investigated a couple days before.

The exterior wooden frames around our windows have deteriorated drastically. Most are original in the forty-year-old house. The outside framing of one of the windows in this room has a sizeable hole in it. A determined little bird has decided this would be a good place to build a nest.

Thanksgiving morning he (she?) was busy at work.

That did it for me, so this week I contacted a local contractor for a quote. When I met their representative on Wednesday, I told him that my windows are fine, but I need new wooden frames. We walked around the house and looked at all the windows. Four needed immediate attention. I asked for a quote per window, as well as for the entire house. He told me he would get back to me with the info.

Not knowing where we would get the money for the repairs, I was a bit down. I needed to pick up something at the mall, so when he finished his work, I headed for the store. I told the Lord I needed to know He had this under control and would provide. I even told Him that finding several thousand dollars would help. (I think He just smiled at that.)

At the mall, there are kiosks everywhere selling everything and trying to get the attention of all the Christmas shoppers. I generally don't stop, but I try to be polite to the workers. One guy convinced me to stop, asked me to hold out my hands and told me they looked terrible. The next kiosk had facial creme for sale. That guy told me about all the wrinkles and crows feet I have on my face. I had to wonder where they had learned this "positive" sales approach. By the way, I didn't buy.

I looked through some stores and walked out to my car empty-handed.

I opened my car door and as I began to climb in, a gentleman ran across the parking lot towards me. He stopped just before he reached me and asked if I would help him start his car. In his hands were jumper cables.

I sized up this older gentleman and said "yes." His car was five lanes over, so I drove to the end of the lines of cars and hoped I had chosen the right lane to find his car. When I arrived, the parking spot facing his car was still open. He opened the hood of my car, attached the cables and when he tried, his car started right up.

He quickly removed the cables, all the while thanking me for my help. I asked his name and he gave that as well as the town where he lives. He again thanked me and said, "God bless you." I replied, "You have a blessed day, as well."

I was smiling as I drove away from the mall. God had not given me a thousand dollars. But, because I was willing to help a stranger in need, He did restore my faith in the goodness of people and in God's ability to provide for every need, whether money for window repairs or a car to provide energy for jumper cables.

- Shelia

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