Published December 2, 2014

Shelia Shares....
"Moving Day Blessings"

On Saturday, November 22, our younger son and his wife moved to a new home. We helped. It was a long day, but I need to recount some of the blessings for that day.

I didn't feel good in the morning, but I knew I needed to keep going. Late in the afternoon, I saw a doctor friend, who confirmed I was taking the correct action and told me the signs I needed to watch for that would require immediate medical attention.

Our son and his wife moved from a third story apartment. The steep stairs at the apartment building can be treacherous even when you aren't carrying anything. But, I prayed constantly as my husband and two sons carried items. They made it without mis-step.

Late in the afternoon, we needed to go to our daughter-in-law's parents' house for several items. Two items were "mad heavy" and my daughter-in-law's dad helped get them in the vans. But it was a struggle to get them out of the vehicle at the new house. However, the upstairs renter at the new house was roped in to help. He was young, strong, had not moved furniture all day and even had a sturdy hand truck to move the heaviest piece. By making it a four-man-job for those last pieces, the task could be completed.

God provided health, safety, strength and help. Indeed, we were blessed.

- Shelia

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