Published November 25, 2014

Shelia Shares....

Danny Jones is editor of Singing News magazine. This week's "Shelia Shares" is an article he wrote last Thanksgiving, shared here by permission. It has a simple message well worth sharing, as well as a challenge. Are you ready?

"Thankful For Salvation"
by Danny Jones

"During recent weeks I've read literally thousands of posts on Facebook as people go through their ‘30 Days of Thanksgiving.' I've seen the commonplace — thanks for the Lord, family, friends, jobs, churches, cars, dogs, cats, and so forth — and the not so common (the most unusual was a pet rock named ‘Stoney' — you can't make this up — someone had been given as a child).

"But what I saw the most was ‘thankful for my salvation.' And I must agree with their sentiments. For all of my life, I've been hearing ‘we're living the last days.' I can remember my parents saying [it], my grandparents saying [it], hearing my grandparents say they heard their grandparents say it…you get the picture. You've heard it all of your life, too.

"While Scripture plainly states that no man knows the time of His return, Christians — as a group — seem to be coming into more agreement that the hour is drawing nigh. As such, the importance of the Great Commission grows as each day goes by.

‘This might be our last Thanksgiving, or, it might the first of 100 more. What truly matters, however, is that whenever the last Thanksgiving of our lives take place, we know that we are prepared to spend the next one in His presence.

"This week, when you're checking off the things you are thankful for, check to see if ‘Thankful for Salvation' is on your list. If it is not, take the time to learn why so many are thankful for their salvation and how it will be the most important decision you will ever make."

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