Published September 23, 2014

Shelia Shares....
"Avoiding Danger"

Recently as we were near our office driving down Centerville Road toward Marietta Pike on our way home, we heard the blaring siren of an unseen fire truck. When we got to the intersection, where we would make a left hand turn, Paul didn't pull up to the turn line. He stayed back a bit, since we didn't really know where the truck was or if it would be turning at the intersection. It was a good thing he stopped back from the corner. The fire truck made a right turn towards us and, from my perspective, was going awfully fast for that turn.

As I watched that big ladder truck barrel rapidly towards us, I found myself leaning to the right as far as I could to avoid being hit. Now, I realize that my leaning doesn't move the car to the right, but it was an involuntary reaction to getting as far as possible from danger. Yes, the truck passed without a problem and we continued on our way home.

But it started me thinking about sin and about temptation. You know what your temptations are. It might not be getting drunk or desiring someone else's husband or wife. It might be irrational anger. It might be seeing a need and ignoring it. It might be fear rather than trust in God. It might be harboring a grudge and not being willing to forgive. We all face temptations to be less than God created us to be.

When we are faced with temptation, do we move as far away as possible? Do we move as quickly as possible? Do we keep our thoughts under control? Are we so in tune with God, that we sense danger as soon as it appears in our life? Are we moving as quickly as possible – leaning to the right – to avoid falling into sin?

My prayer is that each one of us will be aware of God at work in our lives and that we will continue to move closer to Him to stay out of danger's way.

- Shelia

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