Published September 9, 2014

Shelia Shares....
"Who's Watching?"

Our four- mile walk through our hometown takes us past some "dancing" fountains in a downtown park. Kids love to run through them during the summer. So do dogs. One dog the other night was having great fun simply trying to guess which nozzle was going to shoot water at him next. The water sprays up to different heights at irregular times. Even adults are entertained as they watch.

This week as we passed the area, Paul, noticing there was no one there at the moment to enjoy the fountains, observed, "These fountains dance whether anyone is around or not."

Hmm... You know, the fountains have a job to do. Whether or not anyone is there to watch doesn't make a difference as to whether or not they do their job.

Isn't that how it should be with a Christian? I need to be living for Jesus at all times. I need to be serving the Lord wherever I am.

My living for the Lord doesn't depend on whether or not I have an audience. My honesty is the same whether it is in front of people or in a room by myself. My language is the same at home, at church or at the mall. Whether the pastor is in the room or I am by myself, I will conduct myself the same way. Likewise, what I read or watch on TV is the same, regardless.

In reality, whether or not any human is present with me, God is there. He sees what I do, hears what I say and knows what I think. That should be a big enough audience for anyone.

Christianity isn't a show. It is a lifestyle – because of the great love and grace that God has shown us.

- Shelia

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