Published July 15, 2014

Shelia Shares....
"Looking Back"

Sylvia Green is the talented female vocalist with the Bradys, as well as a gifted songwriter. Her writing talents carry over to her Facebook posts which serve as an encouragement to her many Facebook friends (including me), as well as to their friends. I trust this recent post from Sylvia (below) will encourage you to keep trusting the God who has never failed and never will. He's certainly been faithful to me.

- Shelia

"People often say you should never look back, but here lately I've been doing that a lot. For each of us, if we are totally honest, there are times we are plagued with doubts as to whether God is even real when a certain prayer is not answered in the way we thought it should be. The devil plays tricks with our minds, especially those who pray for and try to encourage others.

"But the powerful thing about looking back is this. I see proof that God is not dead. I see proof where miracles happened when man could do absolutely nothing. I see where there was no way, but God made a way when no one but God knew the problem. I see where he healed when doctors said I would not live through the night because everything man could do had been done...but I'm still here.

"So you see, I may not understand why a certain situation didn't change as I had prayed for it to. I probably will never understand why God didn't heal in other situations like I asked Him to.

"But, it's too late for the devil to tell me God isn't real or that He can't ...because He already has.

"God may not answer every prayer I pray today. If not, I probably won't understand why. I don't have a brilliant answer as to why He doesn't always answer because in my human wisdom I probably couldn't understand it even if I were told. But, Satan can't take away what God has already done.

"So my mind is made up to hold on until the end of the battle and the end of the trial. At the end, regardless the ending result, regardless how many would try to convince me differently, I still know my redeemer lives, because Satan cannot erase what God has already done."

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