Published June 24, 2014

Shelia Shares....
"Is Pride Keeping You From A Blessing?"

Recently pastor and evangelist Jim McComas shared the following story about something that happened after he preached at a church as a visiting evangelist:

"I had preached, given the invitation and it was time to close the service.

"Then the pastor [of the church] did something very unusual.

"He stood and said, ‘I have to confess — that sermon was for me. I'm going through an "Out of Season" time in my life right now. God spoke to me to come during the invitation, and I didn't. So I am dismissing the service, and then I'm getting down here in this altar. If God was speaking to you and you didn't come either, feel free to join me. Otherwise, good night, and I'll see you tomorrow evening.'

"A few minutes later, the altar was filled with more than half the church!

"I wonder what would happen if we minded the Lord and were brutally honest every time we came to church?"

Has the Lord been speaking to you? What held you back from responding? Was it pride? Was it fear of what others would say? Was it that great tool of the devil – "don't do it now, just wait?" Would your honesty have opened the door for someone else to respond to God for their need?

Not only was this a good true story, it was a reminder to all us "righteous" people that we need to humble ourselves, seek the Lord and obey.

- Shelia

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