Published April 29, 2014

Shelia Shares....
"Seeing Today's Opportunities"

A Facebook friend, Guy Swanner, shared online his experience one day in April. Reading it made me look for the miracles God put into my day. What opportunities did He give? And, probably most importantly I needed to ask, "Did I recognize God at work in my day?" When we see events through the eyes of God, our entire day looks different – better.

Here's Guy's story:

"God does work in mysterious ways: This morning on my bus, I picked up two transfer kids from a bus in another county. They had to move to live with relatives in the next county because their house had burned. It was a COLD 31 degrees and one of the girls came on the bus just wearing a T-shirt. I asked where her coat was and she said her cousin had worn it last night and lost it. I had on a heavy flannel shirt and a lined jacket. I took off my jacket and made her wear it. The bus was not heating at maximum because it was low on coolant. I was going to stop by the shop after the route and have it topped off. When I got to my first school, there was a mechanic sitting in one of the Fleet trucks. I pulled over, he topped off my coolant, the bus immediately warmed up. He was just sitting there in case a bus on the Southside had a problem. When we left, my Monitor said, ‘You know GOD had him there don't you??? You gave her your jacket and GOD gave us a mechanic to heat our bus up.' Something to think about. I am buying her a new jacket before afternoon route....Just Saying...."

*Guy is 75 and lives in Hampton, GA.

- Shelia

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