Published April 8, 2014

Shelia Shares....
"The New Prayer Chain"

What is a great way to waste your time? Facebook. As I skim through posts from friends and family, time just evaporates. Poof!

But, Facebook can be a great way to share a need.

Last week on Wednesday, I was thankful for the friends I share with on Facebook. Around 8 p.m. I posted: "Prayers please for my son needed now. Thanks."

My second post read: "Our son was at the gym, got a pain, collapsed. He was unconscious several minutes and 911 was called. He is feeling fine now, but he and Paul are at ER. They will do some tests to try to determine what happened. Appreciate your prayers!"

My third post was the next morning: "As of 3 a.m. when Paul brought him home, our son was feeling fine with just some remaining tightness in his stomach area. The hours in ER produced several cat scans and X-rays that were OK. Glad for good test results. Still questioning why he collapsed.. Lots of mini miracles, like that he fainted onto a hard cement floor, but sustained no broken bones or concussion. Thanks for your many prayers!"

Later that day when I spoke with our son, he said he could feel the prayers. When he was at the hospital ER waiting for tests, he was totally relaxed without worry or pain.

I was thinking of all God's miracles...

  1. He was at a gym with people around, not home alone or driving his car.
  2. He fell without injury. There was no concussion and no broken bones and no bruising. The EMTs were a bit surprised by this.

  3. Although he fainted, quit breathing and was unconscious for several minutes, a college student saw him faint and did chest compressions and called for help.

  4. When he got to his car, he discovered his billfold was missing. He later found it behind a bench where he sat to call us; it had simply fallen out of his pocket.

  5. Paul could take him to the hospital and sit with him. They had plenty of time to chat – always a good relationship builder.

  6. The test results were good. And they provide a "baseline" of test results in the hospital system for any possible future comparisons that might be needed.

  7. He could stay home the next day to rest and his dad had already planned a day working at home to prepare for a sermon.

  8. On a personal note, I fell asleep at 10:30 p.m. and awoke at 1:35 a.m. knowing I needed to pray. I believe the Spirit led me to pray for safety as they walked to the car in the parking garage. I also prayed for a shield of protection to be around them and the car. They arrived home at 2 a.m.. I had no physical way to know that after hours in ER, they were leaving the hospital at that precise time.

  9. God's peace resulted from prayers of God's people.

  10. People were willing to pray.

After reading my posts, my son commented that Facebook seems to be the new church prayer chain. Many more people were praying than if our entire small church had prayed. So is Facebook a time waster or a tool of God? You choose by how you use it. For me, I am thankful for a ready team of pray-ers and even more thankful for a God who hears and answers.

- Shelia

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