Published February 25, 2014

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I am turning to Dell Hyssong for today's devotional from his Joy For The Journey column in the Christian Voice Magazine. Dell and his gifted family, the Hyssongs, know life on the road and the joys and discouragements that come with ministry. Let Dell encourage you to keep serving the Lord. We are not responsible for the results, but we are responsible to keep sharing Jesus and doing what God has called us to do.

- Shelia

"Worth It All"
by Dell Hyssong

When I mow the lawn, I find reward and satisfaction in looking behind me because I can see the results immediately. I wish it was the same way when I sing a song, preach a sermon or write an article, but often, a long time elapses before I see results. Some of us will not see the results or the changes in someone's life this side of heaven.

If you are a pastor, Sunday school teacher, youth worker, singer or writer you know exactly what I am talking about. Sometimes your job probably seems thankless and you wonder, like I have, ‘Is it worth it?' The hymn writer wrote, ‘It will be worth it all when we see Jesus,' but how great it is to see results and know that you are making a difference right now.

Recently we traveled a lot of miles to reach our concert date. We were exhausted as we set up and got ready for the concert. We'd not been in that city before and we didn't know anyone there.

A man came into the auditorium and started to tell me his story. He shared how his grown son had gotten into drugs. His voice grew even more serious when he told about the day when the police came to his house and arrested his son. He explained how they handcuffed his son and led him away.

After that occurrence, the man fell into deep depression and said he was at the lowest point in his life. He felt the need to get away from home, so he left his family and drove off to a remote cabin they owned.

He was lying on his bed in the cabin, crying and broken hearted, when all of a sudden he reached over to his night stand and picked up a magazine that a friend had given him. He flipped through the pages and started to read Joy For The Journey in the Christian Voice Magazine.

He told me how that particular article ministered to him and changed his life. His life went from the depths of despair to victory and rejoicing as he turned his eyes on the Lord.

The man stared at me and said he couldn't believe the Lord was allowing him to meet the person who had written the article.

Today he is at home with his family and helping his son who is on probation. He has gotten deeply involved with his church and has taken his eyes off himself and put them on the Savior.

Next time you question the worth of preaching that sermon, teaching that class or singing that song, don't forget the story of this man who discovered joy for the journey just because I took the time to write an article. My words encouraged a man that I had never met and may never see again this side of heaven. The change in his life and the story he told has given us both Joy For The Journey.

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