Published January 28, 2014

Shelia Shares....
"As We Travel..."

Paul and I will be traveling next week (February 3-9). We'd appreciate your prayers as we go.

Who will we meet? Whose life can we make better or worse? With whom can we share a smile or greeting? Will the roads be dry or slippery? Will the waters be smooth or rocky? Will the air be safe or crowded? Will drivers be alert or on autopilot? What circumstances will favor us or come against us?

As we travel, we can focus on the bad. Will I get motion sick on the roads, on the waters, on the plane? What about tainted food? What about other people who are sick? Actually, I can focus on what could happen to the extent that I am sick before we ever leave home – sick with dread of the "bad."

As we travel, we can focus on the good. Is there someone that God wants to use to encourage us? Is there someone that we can impact for the good, perhaps even share a Word to lead them to salvation? Could a smile lift someone's heart and put a positive spin on their day?

As we travel, can we focus on the times we are safe on the roads, in the air and on the waters? Can we focus on the good food and the good service we get? Can we focus on the warm, comfortable conditions expected for most of our journey?

I remember a similar trip several years ago. We were at the airport waiting for our flight. In the crowded airport lounge was a teenage girl who looked like she could cry at any moment. I considered talking to her but didn't know how she would react to me and didn't know if it would embarrass her. Could I have made her day better? Was I put in that same lounge for her? I doubt that I would let another similar opportunity get away.

I remember a plane flight where there were mechanical problems. The lady beside me was petrified and gripped my arm in her fear. I did speak comfortably with her and prayed as she listened. Although the bays in the ceiling of the plane opened to expose wires and although it was one rocky landing, we stopped safely on the runway. Was I put in that plane seat for that particular passenger? Did I make a difference?

Pray for Paul and me as we travel. Pray for strength and health and safety. May we be good Christian witnesses in the good and the bad. We know that we don't travel alone. God will be with us.

- Shelia

P.S. For those of you who asked, here is a link to hear Paul's sermon from January 19, 2014. If the link is active, just click on it. If the link is not active, copy and paste it in your browser.

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