Published January 21, 2014

Shelia Shares....
"Checking My Inbox"

I get many, many emails every day. These are just a few I got within the last hour:

"Hey! Did you know that your address, phone number, and other types of information is available online? Anyone can find out if you've been married before, see people you're related to, or even undercover an old arrest record!" (I think they meant "uncover" an old arrest record.)

"Stop bed bug problems."

"There are $1,600 with your name it ready to send to you today. We are America's Leading Lending Network and make it simple for you to get funds."

"Shed your rolls. You will lose ten pounds in the first two weeks." (Who would respond to an email that calls them fat?)

"Heart attacks affect Americans at an alarming rate. There is an all natural way to reduce your high blood pressure. It does not require an office visit with an expensive doctor or an unaffordable prescription."

"You follow the Lottery? Good... b/c I can help you WINNNN! Seriously, this is not just a dream. THIS IS REAL — I DID IT !!!!"

And then I can find out my credit score, get a brand new body, get $2500 cash already in my name, get free iPod and computer, and some of the best are the millions of dollars someone wants to give me because they are sick and dying, have no children and God told them to give me the money. Right.

If I got everything promised in junk emails, I'd never have to work again. I'd be in the best of health. I'd lose weight without exercise or better eating habits. My doctors would give service free of charge. I'd have all the latest technology without spending a cent.

On the other hand, I could click on all the links and have the worst of viruses possible on my computers. I could get trapped in all the get-rich-quick schemes conceived by modern man. I would probably need to send a cash advance to cover shipping and the millions would never arrive.

If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is. You need to know who you are trusting. Come to think of it, you need to know "Who" you are trusting.

What really matters? What risk is worth taking? What claims are dependable and sure?

Everybody wants to better themselves. Fortunately, we already have the information we need to do that. It's called the Bible.

Not one of the emails offered me eternal life or heaven. Most were designed to make me want what I didn't even know I had wanted here on earth.

What gets the largest share of your time? Is it emails and Facebook or the Bible? Is it "stuff" or God? Would you get more excited at winning the lottery or winning a life to Christ?

Both Matthew 6:21 and Luke 12:34 share the same thought. "For where your treasure is, there your heart will be also."

- Shelia

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