Published January 14, 2014

Shelia Shares....
"Growing Closer to Christ"

Bill Hudson from Bloomfield, Indiana, replied to last week's "Shelia Shares" about growing closer to Christ, sharing from a recent sermon he preached. His practical suggestions for growing closer to Christ are worth repeating in this column.

"My talk/sermon was on ‘A Resolved, Resolute, Resolution.' I used several references to Biblical characters who were resolute in their serving of God (Joshua, Daniel, Peter, Paul, and most importantly Jesus) but then asked what sort of resolution we as Christians today should be making. My suggestion to the congregation was what you identified, to come closer to Christ in 2014. I found a list on the internet of very practical disciplines that we as Christians can do to in 2014 to accomplish that goal.

  1. Improve Your Prayer Life
  2. Read Your Bible in a Year

  3. Help Other People

  4. Get Involved in Church

  5. Become a Better Steward

  6. Use a Devotional

  7. Plant Some Seeds of Faith

  8. Get to Know Your Family Better

  9. Go On a Mission Trip

  10. Bring Someone to Church

"Your sharing struck a note with me due to the talk I just presented. I identified that without the power of the Holy Spirit working in our lives daily we cannot accomplish any resolution for God on our own. We should all desire to come closer to Christ but know that God (the Trinity) desires to come closer to us and the Holy Spirit was given to help us accomplish closeness to God, if we but draw upon that power from God.

"The only answer for this sin sick world is a relationship with Jesus Christ. May we all strive to come closer to Christ in 2014."

Thanks, Bill. As we sincerely strive to know God better, we will grow. We'll see a change in ourselves and others will see Jesus.

- Shelia

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