Published November 26, 2013

Shelia Shares....
"Thankful For What Lasts"

It was a cold day, but we bundled up and headed for our walk through town. As we walked, we chatted and I looked for coins amid the leaves on the sidewalks. Crossing a parking lot at a convenience store, I saw a quarter. Then I saw another quarter, a dime and another quarter.

I continued finding coins until I had a nice handful. The total – $2.05. I was happy.

My happiness depended on finding lots of coins on a walk. It lasted until something else changed my mood.

What is joy?  Joy is finding Jesus many years ago and knowing Him today. I can have joy even when I don't find coins. I can have joy in the midst of a storm or trial. Joy doesn't change because circumstances change.

Happiness is temporary. Joy is eternal. During this Thanksgiving season, give thanks because you know Jesus, the author of joy.


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