Published October 15, 2013

Shelia Shares....
"Your ‘Voice In The Desert'"

Today I'm asking my friend to share for my "Shelia Shares." Donna King is President and CEO of Vertical Sky, promoting Gospel songs and singing for the Lord. She wrote the following while reflecting on the Freemans' current radio song, "Voice In The Desert" (featured on last weekend's edition of the broadcast).

"I will never forget it. It was 31 years ago. It was a scribbled stack of papers on my kitchen table. It was something I'd never heard before. It was a Gospel tract that was in the process of being written. It wasn't even done yet. It was passed along to me to ‘proofread' since it was said that I was good with grammar. So, the idea was that I could read through it, then I could let the gentleman who was writing it know what was worded correctly and what needed to be fixed.

"So, one morning, all alone, in the quiet of my little townhouse in Taylor, Michigan, I picked it up. I began to read through it, "red" pen in hand, ready to find what was wrong and send it back ready for print. But as I scanned the slightly sloppy layout and scattered Bible verses that were jotted down, I began to hear something. I began to sense that a ‘voice' I had been listening for since I was a little girl was echoing off the pages and into my heart. That scribbled stack of papers was my ‘Voice in the Desert.' And the words and layout didn't need the real repair. I DID.

"I had talked to God for many, many years. I didn't really know for sure what to do or how to do it, but I remember, as a small child, I would lie in bed at night and pray. I would ask God if I was good enough. And having grown up in a very troubled home with addicts and abuse, I would often cry out in the dark to that God I was searching for, with a pillow held over my head. And I would wonder… Can He hear me? Is He there?

"Now, back to the little townhouse in 1982 — and to the answer to that question. Yes, He heard me. And yes, He was there. And now, He was the voice calling out to me. So, all by myself in my living room, I knelt down. I laid my face in the old shag carpet and I asked that ‘Voice in the Desert,' whose name is JESUS, to come into my heart and to save my soul. I prayed the sinner's prayer at the bottom of the last page of that rough draft. I found the HOPE above all HOPE and LOVE above all LOVE. My life was changed ETERNALLY! And it all started with a pile of scribbled papers that became my ‘Voice in the Desert.'

"I don't think I ever actually ‘corrected' that Gospel tract in the making. It sure worked perfectly for me, just the way it was.

"That, my dear friends, is my testimony. That is how I came to know the SAVIOR. That is how I found my answers. And, as a girl who had sung since I could talk, that is the moment that I found my real song. And that is the reason I sing today and why I share the music of others, as well, like the Freemans who sing the amazing song, ‘Voice in the Desert.'

"Maybe it would be enjoyable for you to reflect back to your ‘moment' of salvation today...because everyone needs a ‘Voice in the Desert.' I am so grateful He spoke to me."

Used by permission.
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