Published Sept. 17, 2013

Shelia Shares....
"Things or Action?"

Christianity is based directly on Jesus' teachings. The word "Christian" means to be like Christ. Therefore, living like Christ would be obeying His teachings.

Luke 6: 27-36 perhaps best explains the teachings of Jesus. Here are only a few of those verses. "I say to you who are listening to me, love your enemies. Do good to those who hate you. Ask God to bless those who say bad things to you. Pray for those who are cruel to you. Show mercy just as your Father shows mercy."

Often our Christianity focuses on church, church programs, Sunday school, sermons, Bible, communion and more. These are all nouns. They are things.

Jesus' teachings focus on the verbs. In this passage we see words such as love, do good, ask, bless, pray, show mercy. Christianity is not an inactive thing. It is a living, breathing way of life.

When we can move beyond the things we see as "church" and focus on living the Christian life as a first priority, then we can begin to see through Jesus' eyes. Only then do we have something alive to offer to the world. Only then will it be necessary for people in the world to make a decision to accept or reject the living Jesus Christ. Are you Christ-like? Are you showing Christ to the world?

- Shelia

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