Published August 20, 2013

Shelia Shares....
"Even A Trace"

Recently backstage at a concert, the promoter had provided a buffet for the artists and workers. Included were two desserts. One was a chocolate eclair dessert and the other was a vanilla cake topped with whipped cream and strawberries. With my chocolate allergy, I knew which dessert I would be eating.

I took my first bite of my strawberry topped cake and immediately my tongue started to tingle. I knew there was chocolate on my strawberry cake. When I checked the buffet, there was a bit of chocolate frosting on the cake server in the strawberry dessert. Someone had used the strawberry dessert server to get a piece of chocolate eclair dessert and then put the server back in the strawberry dessert pan. It wasn't a lot of chocolate, but that trace of chocolate was enough to cause me some concern.

I took the cake server, washed and dried it, put it back in the strawberry cake. No one else would have chocolate with their strawberry dessert.

Most of us have never committed the "big" sins. We haven't robbed a bank or murdered anyone. We haven't committed adultery or been guilty of arson. But, God cannot look at sin, not even a trace of sin. Sin separates us from God. Even a trace of sin is cause for concern.

Although the consequences of some sins can be greater, sin is sin. God doesn't classify it. We need forgiveness for every sin.

Jesus died to pay the price for sin. He wants to forgive you of every sin. Please don't let a trace of sin separate you from God. Jesus blood can wash you clean. Accept His cleansing today.

- Shelia

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