Published June 4, 2013

Shelia Shares....
"Seeing The Sunshine"

"A man from Barbados was visiting his son-in-law and daughter in the U.S. for the first time. He had arrived in the darkness, and in the morning the son-in-law was dismayed to see his new father-in-law at the window staring at his lawn. He was so embarrassed. He hadn't had time to mow. The dandelions had taken over. And then before he could apologize for the mess, his father-in-law turned to him and said, ‘So beautiful, a lawn of pure sunshine. It must take you forever to plant all those flowers."

That is a paragraph from a book by Cara Colter.

The story continues with someone else saying, "So, I've decided I like them, too. They remind me that everything is perspective. Everything. So little is really true, it's only as we think it."

This was my favorite section in the entire book. We get so tied up with what we think is true. We see things from our perspective based on our past experiences.

When someone doesn't speak with us, we know they are mad at us. But perhaps they are shy. Perhaps they don't have anything they want to say on the subject. Perhaps they are simply thinking about what you said and processing what it means.

We walk into a room alone and feel everyone staring at us. Maybe one or two people did look. In reality, we probably aren't so important that everyone stops to see what we do. Perhaps we aren't the center that everyone's life revolves around after all.

When we trip and fall, what is our first thought? You guessed it. "Who saw me?" "I just made a fool of myself." And, what are other people actually thinking? "Are you OK?"

I remember a lawn company salesman stopping by our home. They told me that for a certain price they could get rid of the little purple flowers on our lawn. I looked at the spots of color on our lawn and told them that I happened to like the little purple flowers. Why would I want to get rid of them?


Maybe the next time you see a dandelion, you'll remember that it is simply a burst of sunshine on the lawn. (My lawn has a lot of "sunshine!") Maybe you'll remember the bad isn't quite as bad as we generally think and the good might not be as dramatically good as we think. Life has its ups and downs and God remains in control of it all.

See the sunshine on the lawn and rejoice in life!

- Shelia

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