Published April 23, 2013

Shelia Shares....
"Keep Praying"

"Your Source For Southern Gospel Music" is the trademarked slogan of our Springside mailorder service. We've been selling Southern Gospel music by mailorder since 1986. Over that time, we've gotten a lot of phone calls, but sometimes one stands out.

This particular call was from a lady with a question. One of the men in my office answered the call and tried to help her. When he couldn't make any progress, she got passed to me.

She wanted to contact two groups. They were from the 1990s. We had heard of neither group. She insisted that we had a database and could find them for her. She insisted that since we had been in business since 1986, we should know them. She couldn't believe that we wouldn't help her.

After 45 minutes, she finally gave up. "I can see I'm not getting anywhere with you," she said with disgust. She was right. I simply could not help her.

The point is that we could tell her in the first minute that we couldn't help her. After 45 wearing minutes, we still couldn't help her. None of the demands or derogatory comments changed the fact. We didn't have the requested info so we just couldn't help.

Sometimes situations come into our lives and we go to friends for answers. They don't have answers. They don't understand the situation either.

Sometimes we go back to them time after time. It can be wearing on them and on us. They couldn't explain our difficult circumstances and after many times of asking, they still can't explain the reason behind circumstances.

The better course of action is to go to God. He actually knows everything. He does have the answer.

However, sometimes He chooses to withhold an answer. It might be so that we grow in faith. It might be that the time isn't right. Perhaps He is working with other people involved and they aren't ready for this to be resolved. Perhaps other events need to happen before He will work everything to our earthly benefit. Perhaps the answer is "no."

We need to take situations to the Lord. We need to pray about everything. But, berating Him and bad-mouthing Him and demanding what we want won't change His answer or change His delay in answering.

We are to bring our needs and wants and lives to God. The best way is to present our case and leave it there. Don't stop praying, but trust that the matter is fully in His hands. He will answer – in His way and in His time.

Pray on!

- Shelia

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