Published February 26, 2013

Shelia Shares....

I am not pleased with the direction this nation is headed. Leaders are leaving God out of decisions and making policies directed at harming or wiping out Christianity. A moral, Godly life is no longer the norm. Alternate lifestyles and selfish motives and an indifference to the value of life are agendas embraced very publicly by far too many.

Have you heard anyone say, "Why bother to pray? This country is too far gone and it won't make a difference." Have you ever had that thought cross your mind?

Recently God has been reminding me that He can change the hearts of people in ways that we think would be impossible. The story of Paul in the Bible is a prime example. Paul wasn't just working against the church in hidden ways. He was outright killing Christians. He was well-known for being on the side of traditional religion and his zeal was so great that he was singlehandedly wiping out Christianity one person at a time.

It's possible that the Church wasn't even praying for Paul's salvation since he was so anti-church. The thought could have been that he would never change.

But, God reached out and touched him and his life changed drastically. His new life impacted lives then and still impacts lives today. Paul wasn't an impossible challenge to God.

Is there someone you've given up on, thinking he or she could never change?

We need to be praying for heart changes. I would guess that you can think of a few people that need a direction change. Are you praying for them? Are you willing to pray and believe that God can touch their lives?

Impossible? Not with God. "...for with God all things are possible" (Mark 10:27).


- Shelia

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