Published Feb. 19, 2013

Shelia Shares....
"Gloves & Mittens"

When Paul and I walk at this time of year, we dress warmly. Sometimes it has been in the 40s and even in the 30s. Sometimes it is windy. Being out in the cold for over an hour, we must dress warmly for our walks.

With temperatures so low, my face gets cold. Even with gloves on, my fingers remain cold. They just can't seem to get warm.

I have been wearing gloves. My fingers get and remain chilled. I believe it is because the fingers operate as individual fingers. They are separate one from another.

Saturday, I saw some mittens for just over a dollar. I bought them and on our next walk, I wore my mittens. My fingers stayed toasty for the entire walk.

Separate, my fingers can't get warm. Together, they are toasty.

One reason we come to church is to join together. We come to be strengthened and warmed and encouraged. We worship together and celebrate the goodness of God. That is our mitten time.

But, when we leave the church, we go our separate ways ready to serve as we see the opportunities. We might not be as comfortable and certainly not as warm, but it is necessary for us to witness to those who don't know Jesus. As long as we are on this earth, we must be in the world showing Jesus. That is our glove time.

We can't always stay in our comfort zone. We can't always remain with other Christians. But, we need those times to strengthen us for when we are faced with trials and decisions and opportunities.

If you are in a mitten setting, enjoy the fellowship. If you are in a glove situation, know God is with you. Whether in a glove or mitten setting, it's the same unchanging God. Celebrate Him.

- Shelia

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