Published November 13, 2012

Shelia Shares....
"You Must Ask"

Each week at Springside, our mail order company, we send a free email newsletter to subscribers. The newsletter lists new Southern Gospel music product that has just released. It also offers a 20% discount on that item's purchase the first week it is available. Anyone can subscribe for free.

The qualification for the discount is that the order for the new product must be placed during the first week and you must request the discount. If you call, you can ask for it. If you order on line, you must type "new product discount" (or something similar) in the special instruction lines near the bottom of the checkout page. The discount is applied manually by our staff when we process the order.

Last week a lady called very upset that she did not get the discount on her order.

She had placed her order online, so I reviewed her order on computer and nowhere did she ask for the new product discount. I told her that she hadn't requested the discount, and since we get orders from many sources, I didn't know she was ordering from the newsletter. Since she had ordered online, I read her the paragraph about getting the discount.

"When you get to the ‘Checkout' page while ordering, type ‘New Product Discount - 20 percent' in one of the ‘Special Instructions' lines near the bottom of that page. Our order screeners will see your message and automatically apply the discount here to appropriate items during the discount period."

At that point, the lady mentioned that she had not read the newsletter and "thought" we "were a Christian company."  I assured her that we are. By the way, I gave her the discount on this week's new product, just as I would have given any customer who forgets to list the message, but calls immediately to correct the problem.

This problem started me thinking. Forgiveness is free. Salvation is free. God through His Son, Jesus Christ, forgives our sins and gives us salvation. But, we don't get this gift automatically. We don't get this gift unless we ask for it. As soon as we ask for it, we are forgiven and become a beneficiary of the salvation that had been offered.

Our store's discount always has an expiration date. Someday God's period of grace will expire and it will be a time of judgment. Today is the day of salvation.

Salvation is not automatic. Our discount is not automatic. Both require action on your part. Both are easy. It might be important to you to get that Springside discount. But, more important is asking for forgiveness and gaining salvation. Don't forget to ask for it while it is still available.

- Shelia

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