Published September 11, 2012

Shelia Shares....

This has been an unusual summer. Much of the time was consumed with my surgery and recovery. As I think back, there have been milestones along the way.

The morning after surgery, I took off my eye bandage to insert eye drops. It was not replaced. That was a very quick milestone.

Day and night, I spent the first two weeks with my head facing down. At the end of that time, I could face forward. That was a milestone.

I had two types of eye drops. I called one yellow and the other pink. The bottle lids were colored and that is how I kept them straight. After two weeks, I no longer needed to use the yellow drops twice a day. I continued with the pink drops, but slowly began a weaning process. I inserted drops four times a day, then three times, then two times, then one time a day. Finally, this past Sunday, I used my last eye drop. That was a milestone.

One part of the surgery was placing a gas and air bubble in my eye to hold the place of the eye gel until it could regenerate. The bubble blocked my vision, but it continued to grow smaller over time. After about 9 weeks, it disappeared. That was a milestone.

Legally one can drive with one good eye. So, I was legal after two weeks when I could lift my head. However, I was not confident enough to drive until I could see clearly enough with my right eye to get myself safely off the road. The first day I drove myself was a milestone.

I was not in the office for four full weeks. The first day I returned for three hours of work was a milestone.

At the beginning of the summer, I was to do little movement. Then I could walk slowly. When I could finally step on a treadmill and pick up speed was a milestone.

Now, eleven weeks from surgery, it is good to look back at the summer and see the milestones and see God's goodness. The journey continues, but I've made progress.

I don't know when you accepted the Lord Jesus Christ as your Savior. Perhaps it has been a while. Do you ever look back at the milestones along the way? Was there a particular sin that plagued you? Do you remember confessing it and asking God's forgiveness? Was there a meeting or incident where Jesus showed Himself to you in a special way? Do you remember the recommitment that you made? Was there a difficult time where you totally depended on the Lord? Was there a time where you had no strength and God did the impossible? Was there a special time of blessing?

As a Christian, the journey continues daily. Do you see the milestones? Are you still going the right direction? Is there growth? Are you closer to Jesus today than you were a year ago? Continue the journey and celebrate the progress you've made through the grace of Jesus.


P.S. As an update, my focus is not yet clear and I am still having trouble reading. Your prayers brought me this far. I appreciate your continued prayers for me as you remember.

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