Published August 28, 2012

Shelia Shares....

Today I am sharing a story from Dell Hyssong of the Hyssongs. They are wonderful people and gifted singers. As they have traveled through our area various times, we've had the opportunity to enjoy meals together. None of those meals has been quite as interesting as this story that Dell wrote, which he has entitled "Light and Salt." I hope you will enjoy it.

- Shelia

"Have you ever gone out to eat and everything went wrong? We recently had that experience, and needless to say, it was unforgettable.

"Once we were seated, a waitress who was being trained came to our table followed by a waitress who was teaching her. She asked what we wanted to drink and everyone ordered water except my four-year-old granddaughter who wanted chocolate milk and my coke.

"When she returned with our tray of drinks, she started taking the glasses off until the tray became unbalanced and the chocolate milk went flying through the air covering the table, my wife and me.

"She was just learning and everyone makes mistakes, so we shrugged it off and asked for more napkins so we could dry ourselves. She finally brought a few napkins, but never said she was sorry.

"Next I put a straw in my soda and took a sip. It tasted awful! Obviously the fountain drink did not get the appropriate mixture of syrup and seltzer. I wondered if it was my imagination so everyone at the table took a sip and came to the same conclusion.

"When I finally got the waitress's attention, I told her quietly about it and she walked away saying she would check it out. Ten minutes later she walked by again and I asked her a second time. She said, ‘I haven't had time, do you want lemonade?' I agreed and talked with the family thinking the service and food couldn't get any worse – but it did.

"When the food finally came, it was so burnt we couldn't even cut through the meatloaf. She didn't come back during the meal and I think we all can imagine why, even though we were nice to her. The waitress who was supervising her didn't come to check on us either.

"We sat there wondering if we should even leave a tip. Finally, we decided we would give a tip, pay the bill and never return to the restaurant where we have stopped many times before when traveling through that area. Bad service lost them customers.

"As I've thought about the dining experience that probably all of us have had at one time or another; I wondered if our churches, radio programs and concerts have had the same effect.

"Do people have a positive experience when they visit our church? When someone tunes into a Gospel radio station, what do they think? How do we treat people when they attend a Gospel concert? We should want them to have a good experience so they will want to come back or listen again.

I want people to see Jesus in me. I want Him seen in our churches, our Gospel radio stations and in our concerts.

The Bible tells us to be the light and salt of the earth. As we desire to be the light of the world and treat others as we desire to be treated, it is a sure recipe to having joy for the journey."

Used by author's permission.

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