Published July 24, 2012

Shelia Shares....
"I Healing"

The eye is a very small part of the body. However, after my recent surgery it takes a large part of my time and energy to bring healing to that minute part.  I find myself still taking naps, sometimes several times a day. Four weeks after surgery much of my energy is geared towards recovery of sight.

I walk tentatively, since my balance can be unsteady. I am fearful that I might miss something in my path. With only one eye open, I only see the left side of life. I miss seeing the whole picture. With two eyes open, my sight is blurred and my depth perception is off. I can see through the top half of my right eye. The bottom half is still a heavy black sheet.

My life is different today than it was four weeks ago. I still can't run or do any fast, hearty movements. Although I am doing more, my activities are still greatly limited. The eye might be tiny, but when the eye isn't functioning properly, it affects every I do or don't do.

Sometimes there are "I"s in the church that affect everything that happens and take a lot of the church's energy and time. What are some of those "I"s?

So much of a church's energy is concentrated on these small irritants. Sometimes it can cause the church to lose members and sometimes it masks the message of Jesus Christ.

My eye needs healing. It needs recovery of sight. Sometimes the church needs healing. Sometimes that irritant needs to be recognized rather than pretending it isn't there, so that spiritual sight can be restored.

One little part of the body can make walking difficult and running impossible. In the church, one little "I" can make ministering difficult and sharing Jesus effectively impossible. Are you the "I" who is slowing the movement of the church?

Jesus is the Great Physician – physically and spiritually.

- Shelia

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